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"[a] brilliant anthology...refreshingly different perspectives." DIVA Magazine (March 2018 Issue) 




"The diversity of genres included in the anthology is something I'd really like to highlight and praise, because while they didn't all work perfectly for me, I think that having so many different styles of writing makes this collection so much more accessible. There's bound to be something you enjoy, and a plethora of great new writers to discover." - Bex from Ninja Book Box




We are also in the top 3 recommendations of the "12+ Queer Anthologies to Wrap up Your Pride Month" over at Twin Cities Geek.





Gender – it affects us all, but what exactly is it? There isn’t a single, straightforward answer to put your mind at ease.


In the form of compelling poetry, prose, essays and graphic storytelling, this anthology will address the issue head on. From fierce feminism to modern masculinity, perspectives on passing to nuanced experiences of identities beyond the binary, the authors will dispel the idea of a single narrative and invite the reader to take in the multitude of lived and imagined experiences.


Prepare to have your feathers ruffled and your preconceptions stripped away – F, M or Other?

Does it matter?

Let’s find out…


Our anthology features talent from Scotland and across the globe – Ever Dundas, Max Scratchmann, Brook Shelley, Julya Oui, Hannah Newell, Gray Crosbie among many others. 

F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary Volume 1

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