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Kickstarting our 2023 list: Three Thrilling Novellas

At long last, we are happy to announce the Kickstarter campaign for our captivating and fabulously queer 2023 publications: The False Sister by Briar Ripley, Andrion by Alex Penman, and The Child of Hameln by Max Turner. Contributing to our campaign will help Knight Errant raise the necessary funds for the publication of three riveting novellas for YA and adult readers featuring LGTBQIA+ characters, as well as help sustain our micro press in the long run.

In The False Sister readers will find a queer coming-of-age story set in a seemingly harmless middle-class surburban town that hides a haunting truth. A tale of mystery, fantasy and folklore with a touch of horror, this book is sure to send shivers down your spine. Andrion takes readers to lively ancient Athens, in a feminist, steampunk and decidedly queer story with fierce and outspoken protagonist Kallis. Follow Kallis through her journey of self-expression, family dysfunction and a fight for justice. The Child of Hameln presents a queer retelling of the Pied Piper of Hameln, unfolding in a 1980s American town with a dark past plagued by visitors from the realm of fae. Mysterious, supernatural and dark, in this fable nothing is as it seems. More information about these upcoming titles and their authors can be found here.

You can support the publication of these three novellas by placing a pledge within a range of tiers that offer exciting rewards including bookmarks, cover art posters, ebooks and printed copies of the book(s) of your choosing.

As a queer intersectional micropublisher, Knight Errant Press is dedicated to amplifying marginalised voices and the sharing of LGTBQIA+ stories. In contributing to and sharing our Kickstarter campaign, you will support our mission and aid the publication of these exceptional novellas: The False Sister, Andrion and Child of Hameln.

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