We  have an open call for submissions and regularly reach out to commission work. We accept unsolicited submissions from unrepresented writers and agents.

We are particularly interested in hearing from writers who are BAME, LGBTQI+, working class, writers who have disabilities, writers who are migrants, writers who have been displaced and writers for whom English is not their first language.  We are equally interested to receive submissions that feature characters who can be described as the above.

We are currently interested in short-form work:

  • Short story collections

  • Novellas (15k to 65k)

  • Poetry collections

  • Flash fiction collections

  • Creative non-fiction

  • Graphic narratives (comics and graphic novels)

To know more about the kind of writing we are looking for check out our mission statement and our publications to date.

Submissions should have the following:

  1. A one page proposal, cover letter or synopsis. Use this to tell us about the work and yourself.

  2. A sample of the writing: up to 7000 words if it's a novella; a representative selection of short stories, flash fiction pieces or poems if it is a collection. For graphic work please send us your online portfolio and a sample chapter of the proposed manuscript or a script if you have not yet developed the pages.

  3. IMPORTANT: if the material you are submitting to us has triggering and distressing content, please mention this with a visible warning in the text of your e-mail – we're not bulletproof.

  4. A brief writing CV (if you have one) or a brief bio, include links to social media if you feel comfortable sharing them at this stage and if they are relevant to your work – we want to know more about you.

  5. Email subject line: [Category/Title], for example:[Poetry/Unicorn Poopz]

  6. Make sure that, unless it is a graphic submissions, all files are text-based. Please do not submit PDFs. 

  7. Send submission(s) to 

How long will it take to receive a response?

Response times will vary. It depends on how busy we are with our current project and our not-book-related lives. The press is run on a part-time basis around full-time work and other commitments of the team members. We strive to respond within a month of receipt but this can and will depend on our workload.

Additional information:


It is important to us that both the writing and the authors we publish and give platform to are true to their narratives. Submissions will be assessed at face value. Your work should speak for itself.

We are happy to give feedback, please indicate if you would like to receive it in your submission e-mail. 


If English is not your first language and/or you have learning difficulties that make it challenging to proofread your work – do not hesitate to submit it to us. We don't expect perfection. If you require a specific approach/format when being given feedback or edits, please let us know. We would like to be as accessible as possible when collaborating with our authors.

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