1. Non-fiction, personal essays.

  2. Submissions should be between 700 and 2000 words and can include art, images and videos so long as they belong to the author of the piece, are being used with the written permission of the creator and are not in breach of copyright. If you have any questions, please just ask.

  3. Please send subs as text documents or emails. No PDFs.

  4. If you are quoting or referencing another resource, in addition to the text you will need to provide a list of references and/or a bibliography.

  5. IMPORTANT: if the material you are submitting to us has triggering and distressing content, please mention this with a visible warning in the text of your email – we're not bulletproof.

Send your pitch or submission to


Authors are paid between £20 and £50 per piece depending on word count (e.g. £20 for a 700 word blog and £50 for a 2000 word blog). You work will be published on our platform and shared and promoted through our social media channels. Our website does not run ads and we do not generate an income from the number of ‘hits’ or visitors. We have a Ko-Fi page set up to help cover some of the costs and allow readers to contribute. 


We will publish 1 blog per month to begin with and reassess within 6-months’ time. Submissions will be accepted for publication pending the editors’ review and feedback. As part of our inhouse process we copy-edit, reference check and proofread before publication.

What kind of stuff are you looking for?

We are here to promote marginalised stories and voices from LGBTQI+, BAME, migrant, working-class, neurodivergent and disabled writers from UK and beyond.

Since we began this project during lockdown, our first theme has shaped up to be about coping, comfort and solidarity; from comfort foods to growing plants from seed on your windowsill to knitting to taking long walks.


Do you have an idea but need direction or are just not sure if it’s something we’d be interested in? Don’t worry, we are happy to discuss work in progress, just send us a quick email at


We also encourage submissions about politics, pop culture, intersectionality, queerness, LGBTQI+ issues, cultural critique and personal essays. To know more about the kind of writing we are looking for check out our mission statement and our publications to date.

How long will it take to receive a response?

Response times will vary. It depends on how busy we are with our not-press-related lives. For online content submissions expect to get a response within 2 weeks' time. We strive to respond within a month of receipt to all other submissions, but this can and will depend on our workload.

Additional information


It is important to us that both the writing and the authors we publish and give platform to are true to their narratives. Submissions will be assessed at face value. Your work should speak for itself.

We are happy to give feedback, please indicate if you would like to receive it in your submission e-mail. 


If English is not your first language and/or you have learning difficulties that make it challenging to proofread your work – do not hesitate to submit it to us. We don't expect perfection. If you require a specific approach/format when being given feedback or edits, please let us know. We would like to be as accessible as possible when collaborating with our authors.