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More Bugs by Em Reed

More Bugs by Em Reed


“A book-length compulsion to pull off the scab and look underneath […] an expectationfuck of a novel in the most affectionate sense!” – Ryszard Merey of tRaum Books

“Meditative, philosophical, but also gloriously weird yet painfully familiar.” – Ai Jiang, Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker Award nominee and author of LINGHUN and I AM AI

“shocking, surreal, and even erotic moments of body horror” – Briar Ripley Page, author of The False Sister and Corrupted Vessels


Format: novel

Genre: SF/F; Literary Fiction

Extent: 320 pp

ISBN:  978-1-916665-03-3

Pub. date: 1 June 2024


Dumped, broke and stranded at her mother's house, Amy has few options for escape.
Hanging out with her ex comes with getting to know his new girlfriend, someone who looks suspiciously like Amy's younger, straighter doppelgänger. Strapped for cash and desperate to be out of her mother’s home, she ends up babysitting the UFO-obsessed kids of the hot
working mom down the street.

Over a dull, torrid summer in the Pennsylvania suburbs, strange lights linger on the horizon, and subterranean connections reach out their tendrils in the dark, signalling another, otherworldly possibility...

Expected to ship end of May/early June

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