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The False Sister by Briar Ripley Page

The False Sister by Briar Ripley Page


It’s 1994, and Jesse Greer’s troubled older sister, Crys, has run away from home. Shy, socially awkward Jesse assumes that she has returned to her old haunts in the big city — until he discovers Crys’ remains in the woods behind his family’s house. Traumatised, Jesse runs to his parents for help, only to find that Crys has returned home, alive. 


Folklore mythology meets dark suburbia in this tale of growing up queer in 90’s USA. This novella has crossover appeal for YA fantasy and features a 12-year-old protagonist. It occupies the grey space between YA fiction and fiction for adults focused on child characters.


The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin meets Welcome to the Dollhouse dir. Todd Solondz and The Blair Witch Project.


Briar Ripley Page is the author of two books for adults: Corrupted Vessels (about a tiny cult) and Body After Body (erotic dystopian horror). He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and made the Brave New Weird award shortlist in 2022.


Praise for Briar Ripley Page:


Imagine if Shirley Jackson was a little imp who lived in a hole in a tree.

– Gretchen Felker-Martin (Manhunt, 2022)


Page's talent for transporting readers into tableaus of awe inspiring beauty and chaotic torrents of gut-wrenching disgust are in full force in this tender and brutally honest exploration of the human condition.

– Eve Harms (author of Transmuted) reviewing Corrupted Vessels, Goodreads


Novella. 178 x 111 x 8.2 mm ~132 pages

Cover artwork by Sadia Bies

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