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The front cover of the short graphic novel Tamlin by Aven Smith. The cover is illustrated in a colourful and sketchy style.

Tamlin by Aven Wildsmith



TAMLIN is a short graphic novel reimagining of a classic Scottish folk ballad written in fluid verse. Aven Wildsmith creates a magical and atmospheric tale through colourful and queer lens - creating room for queer love and queer hero in Scottish folklore.


Janet takes refuge in the forest and falls asleep, only to be awakened in the starry night by the etheral presence of Tamlin. As they get to know each other, they fall in love, but Tamlin is not free - not free to love and embrace Janet or leave the fairy realm in which she is trapped. In order for Tamlin to be free of the Fairy Queen's hold and to be held by her loved one, Janet must step forward and break the spell. 


Cover artwork and all illustrations, including the text and story are by Aven Wildsmith, finishing design of back cover by Nathaniel Kunitsky


  • Aven Wildsmith is a queer, non-binary and autistic artist and writer living in Devon. They have been writing and making art for most of their life. This is their first full published work. 

    You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and visit their website for more information!

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