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Queering the Map of Glasgow 2nd ed.

Queering the Map of Glasgow 2nd ed.


Queering the Map of Glasgow was inspired by the community-generated mapping project Queering the Map. Knight Errant Press took this idea home through stories that chart the fictional, real and liminal spaces and moments lost in the folds of the map. This is a map unlike any other: adding detail and fable it is neither complete nor fixed, it is a fold in the world. And a queer one at that. 


The 2nd edition has had a rejuvenation and a wee information update. Now featuring a spine, margins and an updated cover!


Cover design by Nathaniel Kunitsky

Internal illustration (map) by Kirsty Hunter

  • Authors: Gray Crosbie, Sarah Rogers, Eleanor Capaldi, Ely Percy, Ryan Vance, Mel Reeve, Sophie Norman, Sarah Spence, Natalie Wearden, Michael Lee Richardson, Eoghann MacLeoid, Mitch Alexander

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